About Us​

About AAU

AAU’s objectives sit within the wider vision for AAU as a leading association, with a the recurring partnership of mutual trust and growth that delivers consistent performance in the region over the course of many years.
AAU’s mission is to connect all the Arab national societies and provide their members
with a high standard of education, research, and clinical practice.


To be a stream for the scientific presentation of the Arab world
To be a channel between East and West
Provide continuous medical education to all urologists all over the Arab countries.
To be a platform for training to junior urologists through the Arab School of Urology (ASU)
Supporting and raising the level of the Arab Journal of Urology (AJU)
Supplying the best health care to urology patients in remote areas of the Arab world.
About KUA:

Kuwait Urological Association (KUA) is a specialized surgical association that was formed in 1989 by a group of enthusiastic urologists under the umbrella of Kuwait Medical Association (KMA).
The Association Board consists of five members elected every two years.
It works to advance the urologist in various scientific, professional, and social aspects to enhance their position in the society.
This leads to strength health services and medical sector that the physician is considered one of the most important pillars.
The KUA is encouraging scientific and medical research, seminars, lectures and other activities which aim to raise the level of specialization in Kuwait, exchange information, experience, and latest developments in the field.
From social perspective we aim to strength the bonds between members to increase acquaintance through social gathering.
We also strength our relations & collaboration with regional and international associations & organizations by holding & participating in scientific conferences and exchange scientific experiences.
From community health participation, we aim to enhance community health by awareness activities and program which increase health culture in the field.

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